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2020 goals

2020 is a new, fresh decade and there’s never been a better reason to set your goals big.


o, let’s do things a little differently this time! Instead of putting all this pressure on one day of the year, let’s start checking in with ourselves daily, weekly and monthly, and adjusting moment to moment.

Do you want to start the new year and new decade with clarity so that you can live with purpose and intention?

You’ve come to the right place. The following 6 steps will guide you to a place of calm clarity about who you are and how to find the next steps in your journey through life.


Recognise: who are you really?

The more clarity we can get on who we are and how we best operate in this world, the more ease and flow we will experience in our lives. 

Get super clear on your unique energetic gifts. Know how you work, and remember that it won’t necessarily be the same as how your friends, family members and colleagues work. So, sit down with yourself and get real. Get clear on what you love and what lights you up, because that is your purpose

  • What do I see more clearly than others?
  • What is it that I effortlessly understand about the world?
  • What are my core values?
  • What are my true strengths?
  • Do I have any unique insights or special skills?

Accept, respect and love your full self unconditionally.

Look at what’s making you feel heavy and see where you can lighten your load


Reflect: where are you now?

The best way to get to clarity around what we want and where we want to go is to reflect on what we have and where we are now. If you don’t know exactly where you are, how can you figure out where you’re going?

reflecting and gaining insight

This requires setting aside time and sitting down with the intention to reflect and gain insight. Are you dissatisfied? Frustrated? Are you simply tolerating aspects of your current situation? Or perhaps you feel unrecognised and have feelings of bitterness? It’s time to address this. 

Look at what’s making you feel heavy and see where you can lighten your load. Ask yourself better quality questions. Instead of asking, ‘why does that always happen to me?’ ask yourself, ‘what is this repeat experience trying to teach me?’ Or ‘what have I learned from this situation?’

Not only is this your chance to reflect on this past year, but it’s also a chance to reflect on how the past ten years have changed you.

  • What have I learned?
  • How have I grown?
  • What has changed?
  • What has remained the same?
  • What have my biggest challenges been?
  • When did I experience the most joy? A lot can happen in a year!
  • How have I changed and evolved?

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations, so send love and thanks to all the ups and downs, the lessons and the gifts.


Reset: where do you want to go?

Once you’ve reflected on where you’ve been and where you are, don't dwell on the past. It’s time to take the lessons you’ve learnt and put your focus on where you want to go.

More accurately, it’s time to focus on how you want to feel. Focus on the desired feelings, rather than the specific situations, places, numbers, people and events. It’s ok to have an idea of what life might look like, but how it will feel is what’s important. Your goals and challenges are not about the goals or challenges; it’s about who you become as you work towards your goals or overcome your challenges. 

Goal-setting tip: If getting too detailed about what you want to do, experience or accomplish is a little too much for you, then reframe your goals to how you want to feel instead.

You deserve to feel joyful, purposeful and abundant, so feel your truth and think big. Give yourself permission to stop playing small and safe in 2020! What you really want out of life does not need to be socially acceptable, expectable or replicable! Listen to your inner guidance and focus on your own definition of success.

Take time to consider what’s truly important in your life. What areas of your life need more attention? Where do you really want to take your life moving forward? So much can happen in a year, so be mindful of where you put your attention and energy. Be brutally honest with yourself; when you write down that goal, does it excite you? Is it worthy of your time, effort, energy, and your investment in resources?


Get your creative juices flowing

You now have a blank canvas to paint what you want - so go ahead and paint exactly what you want! Realise nothing is impossible; so much of what we take for granted now was once thought to be impossible

Do you know what’s more fun and effective than buying an annual planner? Brainstorming, journaling, painting, dancing and talking it out! When it comes to bringing goals, desires and dreams to life, the practice of scripting is not only a lot of fun; it can also help you realise the magical power behind combining your words, emotions and belief.

Set your self free to express, create and communicate because this kind of energy allows us to move forward in life with ease and grace. Creativity gives us an increased understanding of our capacity for growth and fulfilment as we move into re-connecting with who we truly are and who we’re here to be.  

The deeper we go, the higher we rise.


Face and deal with resistance

Inevitably, some resistance or old stories about not being allowed, ready or good enough will come up. This is human nature, and it’s completely normal. Just recognise that there’s no truth in your limiting thoughts, and go out and take action anyway. You might get a bit scared when you realise you’re doing the thing you've been avoiding or waiting for permission to start.

Think about all the fears or limiting beliefs that have held you back this past decade. Do any of these feel familiar?

  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of success.
  • Fear of judgment.
  • Not good enough
  • Not smart enough
  • Not strong enough.

Decide now to leave them all behind in the past. Remember that transformation requires tension. Just as muscle growth requires ‘time under tension’, so does our mental, emotional and spiritual growth. The more time under tension, the more adaptation and growth we experience. Tough times and periods of uncertainty are an essential part of our evolutionary process. 

Life really is about evolution, and our happiness is dependent on our interpretation of situations, and our stories about the world. Sometimes a change in perspective is all that we need!

Simply do what’s within your power each day


Force nothing: Stay open to the infinite possibilities

It’s time we all stopped using our productivity as a marker for our self-worth. Accept the flow you’re in each moment and realise it’s not just your actions that have an impact on your future, but your patterns of thought as well. 

fun and active lifestyle

Simply do what’s within your power each day, and then let it go knowing that this can either get you exactly what you want or something better. Make time to relax and to do things that bring you joy. Actively choose to live a life full of fun, pleasure and adventure.

While it can be helpful to break a goal down into manageable micro-steps, it’s important to leave some space for magic to happen. Remember that you set your deadlines for achieving goals, and you have the power to move them closer or further away as you need. Flexibility and flow are key!

Friendly reminder: Being patient and being passive are not the same thing. 

Inevitably, things will sometimes go in a different direction to what you had planned. While it’s typical to see these events and situations as setbacks, they are really opportunities to speed up or take a short cut to where you want to be (or how you want to feel). In 2020, realise that a rejection is simply a redirection.


Get clear on who you are to take inspired and aligned action in 2020!

New year, new you? You were fabulous in 2019, and you’ll be fabulous in 2020. Learn and grow as you go, not just at the end of the year. Let’s think in moments, rather than decades. Each day, focus on how you can feel fitter, happier, healthier, more nourished and more abundant in the present moment - and take inspired action (or rest, accordingly).

Hot tip for feeling more nourished in 2020: Take a look at the incredible collection of healthy, wholesome and super tasty recipes Tropeaka has collected over the years. 

Are you ready to conquer 2020? Check out our High Powered Blends and give yourself the gift of health this new year!

You can make epic plans and set awesome goals, but something unexpected and way more magical will probably happen. The trick to calling in that magic is getting clear on who you are, making time for joy, and approaching 2020 with openness and curiosity.




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