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Sometimes we really do need to rest and recover. This is a simple fact of the fitness lifestyle and we must honour the individual needs of our own mind and body.


et’s be real though - sometimes we just self-sabotage by making up excuses.

Self-sabotage is our inbuilt psychological mechanism that works very hard to prevent change and keep us exactly where we are, regardless of our goals. It’s always the same excuses too! Here are 11 of the most common workout excuses to be aware of, so you can be ready to overcome them whenever they come up


I'm too tired

Feeling tired is a great reason to get your workout done, rather than skip it. It may not be the best time to do a long session or push yourself too hard, but raising your heart rate and getting your blood pumping can be super energising!

girl feeling unmotivated to exercise

If you've had trouble sleeping or getting to bed at a reasonable hour, a workout can help recalibrate your sleep schedule by burning off some of the nervous energy that’s been keeping you up at night.

Nutrition also plays a big part in your energy levels, so take a look at your diet if you’re often feeling too tired to work out. Make sure you’re eating enough calories and including some magnesium-rich foods like broccoli, spinach, nuts and seeds in your diet. If exercise is making you feel less energised, rather than more energised, your diet likely needs some attention!

The best time of day to schedule your workout is whenever you’re most likely to do it


I’m not a morning person

While getting some exercise first thing in the morning can be a great way to start the day, getting up at the crack of dawn is not for everyone! If you’re someone who lives their best life after 10 am, then you’ve probably used this as an excuse to avoid doing a workout altogether. 

The good news is, exercise doesn’t have to happen in the morning. In fact, the best time of day to schedule your workout is whenever you’re most likely to do it. What time day (or night) do you feel most motivated and energised? Whether it’s midday or midnight, make that time your regular workout slot and enjoy your sleep-in!


Other people will judge me

Have you ever felt the fear of being judged based on your fitness level or because you’re not sure how to use the gym equipment? A gym full of buff bodies or a park full or fast runners can be very intimidating, no matter how fit you are. While many of us worry that others will judge us, this is an irrational and self-limiting fear that has everything to do with our mentality and absolutely nothing to do with our appearance or skill level.

The seeds of fears like this are usually planted in our impressionable minds as children. Some kids may have bullied you in gym class all those years ago, but the vast majority of health-focused adults will celebrate and support anyone taking steps towards improving their fitness. 

You will have trouble finding a single human in a fitness environment who is thinking about anything outside of themselves. We are all there for a common reason; to stay healthy and reach our fitness goals. 

Do you go to yoga, to the gym, or to your local park to judge and laugh at other people? No! So why would anyone else do that to you? And if someone really was silently judging you, why should that even matter? Release those fears that no longer serve you!


I have no idea what I’m doing

Don’t even know where to start? Everyone has been there at some point, so you’re not alone! For those who are new to the wonderful world of fitness, it can be very overwhelming to step into the gym for the first time. 

This is why personal trainers are such a good investment in your long-term health and fitness! Understanding good technique and using the equipment safely is essential to achieving a sustainable gym routine. Alternatively, an experienced friend can help you gain confidence, but in the meantime, here are some essential gym basics to get you started!

Longer workouts aren’t the only way to get amazing results


I don’t have time for exercise

Health and fitness professionals must hear this excuse all day, every day! The thing is, everyone is so busy these days that it’s always a matter of making the time, rather than just magically having the time. It all comes down to your values and priorities, so have a good, honest look at how you’re spending your time each day. 

How high on your list of personal values and priorities are your health and fitness? And how much time do you spend doing things that aren’t really important to you? For instance, do you ever spend 30 minutes mindlessly scrolling Instagram?

Longer workouts aren’t the only way to get amazing results; if you make the time to exercise 3 times a week with high intensity for as little as 10-30 minutes, then you’ll soon see fantastic improvements in your fitness and wellbeing.


I can’t afford a gym membership

It’s true; fancy boutique gyms can cost an arm and a leg! However, there are also many gyms with very affordable memberships fees, so it pays to shop around. Once again though, it comes down to your values and priorities, so if you don’t think the cost of participating in fitness activities is worth it, perhaps you don’t really value fitness as much as you’d like to.

personal trainer in the gym

However, it’s not necessary to have a gym membership at all to get in the best shape of your life

There are so many workouts you can do outside of the gym that require minimal equipment or none at all. Interval running, bodyweight workouts and mat-based routines are just a few things that will get your heart rate up and your blood pumping any time, any place, and totally for free!


It’s that ‘time of the month’

While it is safe and perfectly healthy to exercise when you get your period, the key is to listen to your body. Instead of using ‘that time of the month’ as an excuse, listen to your body and check-in with how you’re feeling. 

Cramps, fatigue, and bloating all seem like pretty good reasons to stay home on the couch with a block of chocolate and hot water bottle. However, as exercise improves circulation and digestion, you will probably feel some relief from your symptoms after a workout. 

You may need to lower the intensity or use lighter weights, but on the other hand - you may feel fine! Again, the best thing you can do is listen to what your body needs each month and honour that.


I don’t feel motivated

Feeling unmotivated is just like any other emotion; it’s only temporary. If you start skipping workouts because your motivation isn’t as high as it could be, then you’re only decreasing the likelihood of feeling motivated again in the future.

two girls working out together

On the other hand, getting your workout in despite feeling unmotivated will have the opposite effect. Chances are you’ll feel proud of yourself, and you’ll be looking forward to the next opportunity to break through your emotional barriers. 

Keep in mind that losing motivation and enthusiasm for exercise can be a sign that it’s time to change things up or find a new activity that you genuinely love. Or maybe you just need an accountability buddy!


I won’t be able to walk tomorrow

Being unable to walk downstairs, sit down on the toilet or lift your arms to brush your hair are some classic examples of severe delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This can be quite severe when you first start working out or return to the gym after a long break, but even the strongest and fittest athletes experience DOMS when they push themselves harder than usual. 

Fortunately, our muscles become familiar with a repeated stress, so they’ll quickly adapt and react less intensely after the next workout. Did you know that one of the best ways to relieve DOMS is through active recovery? Walking, stretching, swimming or cycling might be uncomfortable when you start, but you’ll quickly feel better, and your sore muscles will thank you!


I’m too hungover

There’s no denying that getting up off the couch after a big night of overindulgence can feel like an impossible task. In most cases, however, you’ll start to feel better once you’re up and moving around. 

Did you know that moving your body and working up a sweat is one of the best ways to naturally reduce the severity of a hangover? Yes - it will be challenging to get started and less than pleasant while you’re doing it, but once your body starts eliminating all those toxins and releasing those feel-good endorphins, you’ll wish you’d started moving sooner!

Need some extra help? Tropeaka Cleanse Herbal Infusion is a delicious purifying tea that clears away overindulgences to help you feel renewed. Alternatively, there's Ultra Cleanse - a unique full-body cleansing solution with bentonite healing clay.

Variety, intensity, consistency are the three essential keys to seeing fitness results


I don't see any results

Variety, intensity, consistency are the three essential keys to seeing fitness results. If you don’t notice any improvements in your fitness, or you feel physical changes are taking too long, then take a look at your workouts to make sure you’ve got these three keys covered.

Tropeaka Lean Protein Vanilla

If you’re exercising with variety, intensity, consistency and still don’t see the results you want, then your nutrition is the most likely roadblock. We either win, or we learn, so not seeing results is never a reason to give up. It’s an opportunity to learn more about nutrition and continue tweaking your lifestyle until you hit that sweet spot, and everything falls into place. Step one: support your fitness and recovery with a high-quality plant protein like Tropeaka Lean Protein!

Now that you’re aware of the 11 most common workout excuses, it’s time to stay focused on all the reasons why you should do your workout!




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