Spirulina Powder

A plant-based source of complete protein that’s packed with iron and B-vitamins for energy, along with many other essential nutrients and antioxidants, spirulina is a blue-green algae with a vast array of benefits for your mind and body. There’s no doubt this superfood is incredible for your health, but if you’re not sure how to drink spirulina powder, then this article is for you!


pirulina is most commonly available as tablets or in a powdered form, such as Tropeaka Spirulina Powder. Unlike the tablet version, it’s recommended that you don’t consume spirulina powder by itself, as it would be similar to taking a mouthful of flour!

A teaspoon of spirulina powder can quickly and easily be stirred into a glass of water. However, this nutrient-dense algae has an earthy and a slight seaweed-like flavour that may take some getting used to. Fortunately, there are many ways to support your wellbeing with spirulina that don’t require you to pinch your nose and gulp it down!

If you want to transform your daily dose into a fun and tasty experience, you’ve come to the right place. So without further ado, here are 5 delicious ways to drink spirulina powder!


Add a spoonful to your favourite sweet juice

The rich, earthiness of spirulina’s flavour can be offset by naturally sweet juice, such as orange or pineapple juice. If you have a juicer at home, experiment with a teaspoon of Tropeaka Spirulina Powder next time you make your favourite fruity blend.

Tropeaka Spirulina

Keep in mind that just a small amount of spirulina will change the colour of your juice into a deep blue-green, but the sweet fruit flavours will shine through. 

Juice Tip: For enhanced natural sweetness and optimum hydration through electrolytes and minerals, add 2 heaped teaspoons of Tropeaka Coconut Water Powder to your spirulina juice.


Make a superfood lemonade

When you’re in a rush and in need of some extra nourishment, this very simple superfood lemonade with 4 ingredients will save the day! You will need:

  • 500ml sparkling water
  • 1 fresh lemon
  • 6 drops of stevia or natural sweetener of your choice
  • 1-2 tsp of Tropeaka Spirulina

Juice the lemon and pour into a large jug before adding the stevia drops and Tropeaka Spirulina. Whisk well to combine before pouring in the sparkling water and stirring if needed. Immediately serve yourself a large glass of this delicious superfood lemonade before heading out the door!


Make a spirulina almond latte

Instead of reaching for the caffeine when you need a little pick-me-up, why not try a spirulina almond latte? This super simple recipe will help you feel revitalised and full of natural energy – without any adverse side effects.

Spirulina Almond Latte

All you need to do is mix half a teaspoon of Tropeaka Spirulina in a glass of almond milk along with a little stevia (or the natural sweetener of your choice). The spirulina almond latte is the ideal pre-yoga drink because it will satiate you without weighing you down, and provide natural support for your energy production.


Add spirulina to your smoothies

Similarly to juice, a sweet and fruity smoothie can easily mask the unfamiliar flavour of spirulina. The rich, blue-green pigments in spirulina will also give your green smoothies even more aesthetic appeal, along with the mega dose of essential nutrients.

Spirulina Smoothie

If you opt to take your daily dose of spirulina in a smoothie, the trick is to balance out the overall flavour by using sweet fruits like bananas, berries, pineapple, and mango. Here are a couple of delicious recipe examples to get you started!

For the Green Superfood Breakfast Smoothie, you will need:

This is a high protein superfood smoothie that’ll kickstart your day, so it’s an excellent choice for a healthy breakfast on the go!

The Ultimate Green Smoothie also packs some serious health benefits. To make this refreshing and crisp drink, you will need:


Experiment with ‘nice creams’ and smoothie bowls

While smoothie bowls and nice creams aren’t technically drinks, they are still a delicious and naturally hydrating way to enjoy spirulina.

Spirulina Smoothie Bowl

To power your day with a delicious bowl of antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, try a Mango Matcha Smoothie Bowl for a summertime breakfast. Add all the ingredients below into a blender, blend until smooth, then decorate your smoothie bowl with your favourite healthy toppings. For 2 servings, you will need:

For a dessert option, you can’t go wrong with Matcha Mint Choc Chip Nicecream. This cleansing recipe is full of antioxidants for immune system support, so enjoy this delicious treat - guilt-free! For 2 servings, you will need:

  • 3 frozen bananas
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup cashews
  • A handful of fresh baby spinach or 2 chunks frozen spinach

Add the bananas, coconut milk, cashews, spinach, vanilla, matcha, Ultra Cleanse, spirulina and salt into a blender or food processor. Process until creamy, smooth and thick, before folding through the choc chips or cacao nibs. If it’s too runny, freeze for a while before serving.


Spirulina powder is so versatile!

As you can see, you don’t always have to consume spirulina as a drink. In fact, you can add it to chia puddings, raw vegan cheesecakes, and pretty much any healthy recipe you like!

Choc Mint Cheesecake Slice

It can be a little difficult to take spirulina every day if you’re struggling to get used to its unfamiliar taste. So why not use this article for inspiration and experiment with creating your own delicious recipes, so you can easily enjoy the incredible health benefits of taking spirulina every day!



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